our services

We have run numerous campaigns over the years and have employed a number of different communication and marketing techniques to enable our clients to achieve their objectives, including:

On-line -

With the internet emerging as the leading medium for communicating your message and obtaining maximum exposure, we at mostra utilise this medium as often as possible creating banner advertising, linking websites, utilising e-newsletters, building microsites and creating online entry forms to capture vital information.

On Pack -

With FMCGs dominating our everyday life, this is a powerful way to reach existing and new customers. From token offers to stickers or samples on pack, you will get the exposure in a fast moving market place. 

Reader offers -

We offer the publishing trade something for all of their readers. Whether it is the next dream holiday adventure or money off their favourite brands, reader offers give people something special and are a great opportunity to capture valuable data. 

Sampling -

BookBites are a new form of ambient media that brings great books and readers together in unexpected environments that are conducive to reading. Bookbites are a very powerful campaign tool.